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Every customer journey begins with a query

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Product Filters

Smart Site Search

Offer relevant products from the search bar with Autocomplete, Suggestions & Instant Search Results

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Customizable Product Filters

Narrow down search results with our facets to ensure customers don't have to scroll through dozens of options

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Merchandising and Promo

Use banners and other tools to push products higher up the search results to make them more discoverable and nudge customers to checkout

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In-Depth and Advanced Analytics

Examine key phrases your shoppers enter, what they are looking for, and which queries yield no results. Adjust your catalog accordingly.

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Searchanise is a game-changer for your business


"Searchanise improves user experience, and now our customers can enjoy the relevancy of the products shown, which results in a 100% satisfaction rate."

Armin Djafari, Global eCommerce platform owner, Sennheiser


"The conversion rate increased by 14%, the average order value by 7%, and the returning customer rate by 35% after installing Searchanise."

Duy Nguyen, Owner, Impack

Denago E-Bikes

"We were looking for a solution that could search for both products and content. We also needed help to narrow down the product list on collection pages. Searchanise allows customers to do both — in seconds."

Justin Christopher, Director of Ecommerce at Bike.com and Denago.com

Neo Computers

"Last year we could barely cover the costs of running an online store. Today we are averaging $10,000 a month with Searchanise."

Paul Branighan, Owner, NeoComputers

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